Zion Shuttle Service


Zion National Park offers an array of logistical challenges for hikers, backpackers, and canyoneers, especially those visiting with only one vehicle or less. The free Zion Canyon Shuttle has helped ease traffic congestion in Springdale and Zion Canyon immensely, but please know this shuttle only runs through Springdale and the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, leaving you on your own to access the rest of the Park. Please study the details of transportation logisitcs in the Park as you plan your Zion adventures.

zionshuttlethumbOur Zion shuttle service is a destination-specific, fee-operated service, requiring advance reservations and purchase. We offer trailhead drop-offs to the three major regions of Zion National Park, as well as to nearby cities in Washington and Kane Counties. Zion Narrows shuttles are our specialty! Click on the regional selections on the right menu for more details about where we can take your group and how much it may cost.

For more details on any of these shuttles, or the other options we offer, click on the Shuttle Regions in the sidebar.