Introduction to Climbing


Climbing is Safe

safelyclimbs.gifAn ethereal aura surrounds rock climbing. The undertaking seems mysterious, risky, and exciting; truly, it is all of these and more. Over many decades, however, a small community of outdoor recreationists has developed the skills, equipment, and attitude to bridge the gap between the unthinkable and the irresistible. Today, the climbing community safely and consciously pursues the age-old human fascination with defying gravity.

All of our rock events employ Professional Climbing Guides Institute safety practices. You can be confident our minimum standard is the highest standard in the nation.

Climbing in Zion

zionclimbsAn undeniable curiosity evolves when Zion visitors travel the Canyon Scenic Drive and see small, colorful specks high on the towering walls. After careful viewing, onlookers eventually realize these specks are, unbelievably, human beings. Riding the shuttle, you may hear questions aloud: "How do they get up there? What are they holding on to? Where do they sleep if they spend the night? How do they go to the bathroom if they are up there for multiple days? What if they fall?"

We can answer all of those questions for you and more. Explore our series of rock trips for the best fit for your group and abilities.

Climbing with Us

climbwithus.gifWhen you climb with Zion Adventure Company, you not only learn the ropes, you also gain insight of yourself and your natural abilities. As members of this community, our professional climbing instructors invite you to learn first-hand what rock climbing is all about. Join us in an exploration of freedom, balance, and self-discovery.

Climbing for Everyone

everyoneclimbs.gifRock climbing has been practiced for hundreds of years, but hit the mainstream in the 1990s. Since then, people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, have been trying it, and you can too. Whether for a morning, or the entire day, you will marvel at your accomplishments and experience a new found trust in yourself and friends. Moving over vertical rock frees the mind, humbles the body, excites the spirit, and challenges you in positive ways.