Caving Exploration Day


  • Explore the fifth-longest cave in Utah on foot, on hands and knees, on your belly, and on rope!  This trip is fundamentally focused on exploration through alien terrain and is perfect for the athletic and the adventurous.  Expect a physical, challenging, and engaging day moving through tight spaces in perfect darkness, lit only by the lights we bring with us.  
    If you are at all claustrophobic, this trip is not for you!
    • Age 16 and older 
    • Group size limit of 5
    • No previous experience is required, but all participants must be comfortable spending extensive time in dark, cramped spaces
    • There is no specific weight or size limit, but due to the nature of the cave environment all participants must be fit enough for sustained crawling on hands and knees, wriggling, shimmying, belly crawling, and climbing up and down unlevel and sometimes slippery terrain.
    • The serious nature of a cave environment requires caution and respect.
    Departing at 7am, it’s a two-hour drive to the remote mouth of the cave. (Note: Participants staying in St. George can arrange for a pick-up there to eliminate needless back-and-forth driving.) During the drive, you’ll learn about your equipement, how to move safely underground, and caving-specific Leave No Trace principles. After a practice rappel near the cave entrance, underground you go - and then the real excitement begins!
    Entering a cave feels like stepping into another world: it's a dark, humid, 65 degrees underground, and your route requires varied - often graceless - movement. The serious nature of a cave environment demands respect; after rappelling 150 feet into the depths of the cave, the group will work together to crawl, crouch, shimmy, and climb their way back to the surface. 

    • Intro to caving techniques, navigation, and movement
    • Rappelling and belaying
    • Downclimbing, stemming, and spotting
    • Climbing on belay
    • Cave-specific Leave No Trace practices (this is very important and is required during this trip)

    • Water and snacks for the day (We recommend bringing a liter or less into the cave and leaving the rest in the car for afterward - no CamelBaks or water bladders, they are likely to explode!)
    • Clothing that you don’t mind destroying
    • We will provide headlamps, small, rugged backpacks, coveralls to wear over your clothing, knee pads, gloves, helmets, footwear, and harnesses.
    • Plan to pack light - the heavier your bag, the harder it will be to drag it through the confines of the cave.
      • Meet for morning instruction at Zion Adventure Company at 36 Lion Blvd., across from the Quality Inn.
      • 7 days/week, year-round
      • Trip begins at 7:00 am (Mountain Daylight Time)
      • Drive time is 2 hours each way. (Note: Participants staying in St. George can arrange for a pick-up there to eliminate needless back-and-forth driving.)
      • Trips return between 3:00 and 7:00 pm.
    *Early reservations advised. Dates tend to book 30 to 45 days out, June through August. Check your calendar and book early.

     One on One:  N/A
     Three or More:

    Trips are 100% refundable up to 30 days prior to departure. Once inside the 30-day window, we deduct a 25% cancellation fee from any refunds.  You may apply this 25% fee toward any future services or products we offer within two years from the date of cancellation. Cancellations within 24 hours of trip departure are non-refundable.