Backpacking- Coyote Gulch


  • Throughout all of Southern Utah, there is one backpacking trip against which all others are compared. Coyote Gulch is this trip. A demanding outing in a true wilderness setting, Coyote extracts a worthy price of admission. Yet it claims a payout exponentially higher. Hikers should prepare themselves to experience an outing that never fails to impress. Massive arches, ancient ruins, natural bridges, deep alcoves, waterfalls and stunning sandstone cliffs mean that mile for mile this canyon produces an aesthetic experience unrivaled in all but a few remote corners of the globe. Come experience this life-changing trip with us.

           The inherent nature of a backpacking trip means that we will be carrying in, and out, all the food and gear needed to support ourselves for three days and two nights in the backcountry. One can expect a simple life unplugged from the outside world, fueled by comradery and adventure while exploring this mesmerizing landscape. Though not a trip for everyone, those interested in exploring their limits and experiencing what many only dream of, will find themselves profoundly transformed by this outing upon their return to the road.

  • Coyote Gulch places hikers in a wondrous and remote setting; as such hikers will be required to carry the gear and food needed for the time we spend in the backcountry. Everyone in the group will need to be able to carry a pack, ranging from 20-30 lbs, over the course of the trip, during which we will cover between 15 and 20 miles of terrain. Terrain will range from sandy sun exposed washes to deeply entrenched canyons. The final stretch of the hike includes the well know “Crack-in-the-Wall” exit, this section will require the use of hands and feet while making upward progress. While not technically demanding, those with acrophobic tendencies will need to be sure to take their time.

    If you have any concerns with the above listed prerequisites we are happy to discuss options on a case-by-case basis.

  • We aim to meet at Escalante Outfitters at 7AM on the first day of the trip. Here we will do a final check of the gear and supplies needed for the trip. Depending on your direction of travel you will have the choice of either meeting us at this location or alternatively, following us out from our shop here in Springdale the first morning of the trip. The nature of the historic Hole-in-the-Rock Road requires a high clearance vehicle to fully access the trailheads.

  •      For the Two-Day Trip: We aim to hike on a cross-country route entering into Hurricane Wash and hiking downstream from there. We will experience the canyon as a “thru-hike” meaning we will start and end at different trailheads and will seen each section of the canyon once. Distance traveled is roughly 15 miles, exiting at “Crack-in-the-Wall.”

         For the Three-Day Trip: With the additional day we gain several options to see Coyote Gulch, we can “thru-hike” the canyon from some of the farther trailheads, allowing us to see even more of the canyon. Hike it as an “out-and-back” seeing the best sections of the canyon twice. Or can even explore additional hidden canyons near Coyote Gulch. Distance traveled will vary between 15-20 miles, exiting at “Crack-in-the-Wall.”

         As to the specifics exactly, this will be taken on a case-by-case basis after collaboration between the hikers and guides.


  • Two campsites located within Coyote Gulch have access to pit toilets, however these are the extent to which man-made improvements can be found inside the canyon. The canyon is highly dependent on all of us practicing a Leave-No-Trace ethic. As such, a 100% pack-in pack-out policy is required, including the experience of using a solid waste bag as needed.  

  • Hikers are encouraged to bring any backpacking gear they possess, this includes:
      • A medium sized (40-60 liter) backpacking pack
      • Comfortable hiking footwear that can get wet
      • Sandals for wearing around camp
      • Sleeping Bag and Pad
      • Water bottle/ hydration packs, at least 3 liters per person
      • Sun protection (hats, sunglasses, sun screen)
      • Two pairs of wool hiking socks
      • Synthetic or wool clothing
      • Personal hygiene items: toothbrush and toothpaste, tampons, etc.
      • Any required/prescribed medicine
      • A headlamp with fresh and extra batteries
      • A lightweight and warm jacket
      • Lots of snacks, i.e. salty snacks, candy bars, sports drink mix, etc.
      • Trekking poles (optional)
      • Waterproof jacket and pants (weather dependent)
  • We are happy to now offer some high quality backpacking gear for those who do not own their own gear. These items are:
      • A comfortable 50 liter backpacking backpack.
      • An ultralight 20F sleeping bag.
      • An ultralight sleeping pad.

    We will also provide:
      • A lightweight tent.
      • Water purifiers.
      • Tasty and nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) while we are in the backcountry, and all required cookware. Hikers are still required to bring their own snacks.
      • Neoprene socks and canyoneering footwear, optional during summer months, encouraged for cooler times of the year.


  • The three-day trip is our more popular option. This duration accommodates those looking for more time to explore the canyons, stand in awe of the power of water and stone, escape from civilization or even just set a more leisurely pace.

          The two-day trip still offers a wonderful experience in the canyon, but is more streamlined to assure that we can stay within our shorter timeframe, this trip works well for those that are unable to commit a full three days of their time here in Utah to this trip.


    Three Day Hike:
          Two or More: $750/person
    (Requires a party of at least two)

    Two Day Hike:
          Three or More: $500/person
    (Requires a party of at least three)

    Trips are 100% refundable up to 30 days prior to departure. Once inside the 30-day window, we deduct a 25% cancellation fee from any refunds.  You may apply this 25% fee toward any future services or products we offer within two years from the date of cancellation. Cancellations within 24 hours of trip departure are non-refundable.