Safety & Ethics

3 Main Risks to Manage in The Narrows

lightning.pngLike many stunning Western landscapes, The Narrows can be as dangerous as it is beautiful. Though the vas majority of hikers have positive, exciting journeys through The Narrows, each year a few parties experience frightening floods, broken bones, or debilitating hypothermia. By educating yourself prior to the Narrows hike, you can enjoy a safer and more confident time in this amazing place. Take time to learn about the most common risks involved in a Narrows hike, and how to manage them those risks safely. Read more about managing risk in the Narrows.

Avoid Flash Flooding

lightning.pngFlash flooding is the most dramatic and drastic risk involved in desert canyoneering. Every few years, people are killed or seriously injured when they find themselves unaware of and/or unprepared for canyon flooding. Fortunately, we can avoid such tragedies by recognizing conditions with high flooding potential AND having the right knowledge and equipment to identify and mitigate a flooding situation. Read more about flash flooding.

Understand River Levels

lightning.pngThe United States Geological Survey (USGS) monitors Virgin River flows and measures water volume in CFS, or cubic feet per second. The CFS of the Virgin River fluctuates over time, rising or falling as a result of rains, snow melt, and air temperatures. Zion National Park uses the current CFS reading as a reference tool to gauge safety conditions in The Narrows and regulate access. Read more about understanding river levels.

Leave No Trace®


"Take only pictures, leave only footprints, carve only memories."

ZION NATIONAL PARK belongs to no one and everyone. One of the greatest dilemmas facing the Park Service is managing the balance between visitation and preservation. As a visitor to the Zion Narrows, it is your job to keep Zion as clean and natural as possible by following seven simple principles. More Leave No Trace® information.



Current Zion Conditions

Current Narrows Info

Status:  Open 

Water temp:  52 F

Current Flow: Easy/Moderate

Recommended Gear:
Cold Water Dry Pants Package

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