Narrows Rental Gear

Zion Adventure Company was the first outfitter to offer river hiking equipment in the United States. Browse our rental items below for details on what we rent and how it makes your Narrows hike more safe and fun. For pricing and more information check out our Rental Equipment. If you're interested in a rental package, the Narrows Rental Packages are right for you.


  • 5.10 Canyoneers

    Hiking the Narrows is like walking on a bed of underwater bowling balls all day - slippery, awkward, and unfamiliar. To help you manage this tricky situation, we've developed incredibly comfortable and effective shoes to decrease the physical difficulty of this hike. The Canyoneer 2 provides the best combination of ankle support, wet traction, comfort, and toe protection on the footwear market. These shoes are NOT waterproof, but rather designed to allow water to flow through easily, keeping your feet light and free. When you have the right footwear, you can comfortably focus your attention on the scenery instead of constantly searching for a less-painful next step.

  • 5mm Neoprene Socks

    Our neoprene socks are the essential foundation of our rental footwear work. Not only is neoprene incredibly comfortable, but it also:

    • Keeps your feet warm in cold water
    • Prevents blisters
    • Blocks sand and pebbles from hurting your toes
    • Provides the cushion to make rental shoes work for everyone
  • Drysuit

    When cold river water is deeper than your waist, it's time for a full drysuit. We recommend drysuits mainly November through April/May, when temperatures are cold and/or the river volume is high. By bundling up with fleece or other synthetic layers under the suit, you can stay dry and toasty, even in very cold water.

    Our drysuits feature thin, latex gaskets at the ankles and feet which prevent water from entering the suit. At the neck, a neoprene collar blocks occasional splashing, while providing a loose, comfortable fit.

  • Drypants

    When the river is cold, but not deep, drypants are perfect for a Narrows hike. While drypants are typically unnecessary during summer, they are popular during spring and fall, when temperatures are lower. We advise drypants when the forecasted air temperature is below 80 degrees and the water temperature is less than 50 degrees.

    Our drypants feature thin latex gaskets at the ankles, which prevent water from entering from the bottom. A softer neoprene gasket at the waists protects against splashes, while ensuring a comfortable fit. By wearing a pair of synthetic tights or fleece pants under your drypants, you'll stay dry AND warm during your hike!

  • Walking Stick

    Your sturdy walking stick will be your best friend on the slippery, unstable riverbed of the Narrows. We use simple, wooden walking sticks instead of trekking poles because aluminum poles tend to bend and break in the Narrows as they continously get wedged and levered under big rocks. By using your walking stick as a tripod, you can hike the Narrows securely and confidently, instead of teetering and slipping with each step.

  • Fleece

    We carry fleece layers with us into the Narrows year-round, no matter how warm it might be outside. During summer, many are surprised how cold the Narrows can be early or late in the day, and a fleece top or hat can be the perfect remedy. Outside the summer season, fleece layers become essential tools to managing cold and preventing hypothermia. If you need insulation for your hike, we have a full range of sizes in a variety of garments to help prepare you for warmth.

  • Dry Bags

    Most people bring a few critical items into the Narrows that need to stay dry. Your lunch, first aid kit, extra dry layers, and camera will be safer inside a purpose-built dry bag, which we typically carry inside a backpack. We have dry bags in a variety of sizes, as well as camera bag and boxes specifically sized for your particular model. Even though most users have great success with our dry bags, we always recommend "double bagging" expensive items (cameras, camcorders, GPS, etc.) as an additional measure of security.

  • Orientation Video

    To help prepare you for your Narrows adventure, we provide a video orienation during outfitting. Whether you are hiking Bottom-Up or Top-Down, our orientation connects you with critical safety, etiquette, and logisitcs information, including:

    • Recognizing and avoiding flash flood
    • Choosing the right  transportaion to your trailhead
    • Using the bathroom in the backcountry
    • Knowing what to bring on the hike

    After the orientation video, you'll have ample time to ask us any outstanding questions you still have about your specific plans in the Narrows. Orientation viewing are available throughout the day - just ask us!

Current Narrows Info

Status:  Open 

Water temp:  52 F

Current Flow: Easy/Moderate

Recommended Gear:
Cold Water Dry Pants Package

Reservations are recommended 

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