FREE Zion Narrows Map and Planner

Planning a Zion Narrows hike (or any adventure) from afar can be difficult. Anticipating basic travel logisitics is hard enough, let alone finding the detailed information you need to make good decisions and preparations. When we plan trips, we yearn for good, reliable, and pertinent information, all in one place. And when we find that critical resource that pulls everything together... Woohoo! That's why we designed a Zion Narrows map to help folks visualize and prepare for The Narrows before they get to Zion.

Our Zion Narrows Map and Trip Planner helps you understand the critical aspects of a Narrows trip in a clear and concise presentation. It includes maps of both the Bottom-Up and Top-Down Narrows hikes, including major landmarks, campsites, mileage markers, time estimates, and sections of The Narrows where it's difficult to find high ground. The flip side of our Zion Narrows map includes information on flash flooding, seasonal temperatures, Leave No Trace, shuttle arrangements, and the critical "What to Bring" list for day hikes and overnight trips.

If that's not enough to excite you, consider the seductive price - FREE!. You can download the PDF version of the Zion Narrows Map and Trip Planner here OR pick one up at Zion Adventure Company before your hike. Either way, you'll be set for a day of wonder and excitement on one of the greatest hikes on Earth!