Detailed Bottom-Up Hike

Overview: Most Narrows hikers choose this route for their visit. The Bottom-Up Hike offers the most options, the shortest time commitment, and the opportunity to see the most dramatic section of narrows,known as “Wall Street.”

If you are short on time, consider this option. Many people who hike Bottom-Up return in later years for the full Thru-Hike experience.

Trailhead: Exit the shuttle at Temple of Sinawava. Walk the 1-mile (1.6 km) Riverside Walk until it dead-ends with the Virgin River, then head upstream and begin your river hike.

Mileage: 4 to 10-miles (6.4 to 16.0 km), round-trip, depending on how far you go. Remember, you must hike out as far as you hike in (NPS requires turn-around at Big Springs).

Elevation Gain: Approximately 50 feet/mile (9.5 m/km)

Approximate Hike Time:4 to 10 hours. Plan on hiking 45 to 90 minutes/mile upstream, and 30 to 60 minutes/mile downstream.

Difficulty: Cardiovascularly easy, but requires attention to
footing and river navigation

Best Times of Day: Dawn to dusk

Best Times of Year: Spring and Fall. See table for specifics.

Don’t Miss:

• Just above the junction with Orderville Canyon is “Wall Street,” the narrowest and most dramatic section of the hike. The walls squeeze down to 25 - 30 feet wide!

• Orderville Canyon is a favorite side-trip from the main Narrows corridor. Orderville is the only “turn” you can take from the main path, an intimate side-canyon leading East. Orderville is much narrower and shallower than the Narrows, and much less water flows through it. As you hike up Orderville Canyon, you must solve obstacles along the way and turn around at the plaque at Veiled Falls. If you choose to explore Orderville Canyon, help members of your party and NEVER jump down into pools. A great top-down, semi-technical canyoneering trip. Requires a Park permit.

Special Notes: Having the right gear and information can make the Bottom-Up Hike a much easier and enjoyable experience. Stop by Zion Adventure Company to find out how we can help you.