Winter Narrows Rentals


Winter in the Narrows can be a surreal experience. Low visitation numbers make it easy to find your own private corner of the canyon surrounded by towering canyon walls decorated with dazzling ice formations. Although this wet and wintery wonderland may sound cold and intimidating, the correct hiking gear will allow any and all to leisurely experience the Narrows in comfort.

Though winter water levels in the Virgin River rarely exceed waist height on adults, we at Zion Adventure Company recommend wearing a full dry suit for winter Narrows hiking. A full dry suit is considerably warmer than dry pants, and also offers protection against dangerous hypothermia in the event of an accidental full immersion in the 38 degree (F) water. This suit, in combination with warm under layers, two pairs of neoprene socks, and 5.10 Canyoneers will provide you with hours of warmth, confidence, and comfort for your Narrows experience.


  • Cold Water Drysuit Package - $53.00 First Day / $26.50 Each Additional Day

This package includes a short orientation video, drysuit, canyoneering shoes, neoprene socks, and a walking stick.

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*Advanced reservations recommended throughout the winter, especially during the Holiday weeks.