Details and Pricing

• Meet for morning instruction at Zion Adventure Company at 36 Lion Blvd., across from the Quality Inn.
• 7 days/week, year-round
• Class begins at 7:30 am (Mountain Daylight Time)
• Drive time is about 45 minutes
• Trips return between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m.

One on One $349.00
Two or More $199.00 per person
Group Discount 8 or more 10%

• Early reservations advised. Dates tend to book 30 to 45 days out, June through August. Check your calendar and book early.
• A Private Trip Supplement ($45/person, waived for groups of 5 or more) guarantees no one else will be joining your group.
• All trips subject to 7.55% sales tax


What to Bring

We provide all the necessary technical gear and transportation for your group, but recommend you bring:

- 2 quarts of water/person & lunch/snacks for the day
- Sunscreen
- T-shirt & swim shorts (June - Aug)
- Warm clothes/fleece (Sept - May)
- Hat, gloves & rain gear (Sept - May)
- Camera


We concentrate on building competence in techniques essential to self-guided canyoneering in any of Zion’s famous introductory canyons: Keyhole, Echo, Orderville,and Subway Canyons. By the end of the day, you will likely be comfortable with:

- Harness, tether, and carabiner use
- Knots and hitches
- Using and setting natural and bolted anchors
- Evaluating and slinging fixed anchors
- Handling, retrieving, connecting rope
- Descending, climbing, and rappelling
- Emergency rope ascent
- Down-climbing and stemming
- Floating rappel disconnects
- Problem solving and route finding
- "Leave No Trace" practices


We start by gaining a deep sense of your background and prior knowledge, then we make a curricular plan and go from there. Whether we begin at Square One or further on down the line, we ground ourselves in tangible, practical skills and theory by doing everything IN the canyons. Blackboads and diagrams are not part of this class; you will be solving problems experientially, under the expert guidance of your instructor. We will help you refine your techniques throughout the day and offer contextual examples from our own experiences to expand on our learning. We aim to help you be independent by the end of the day, which means YOU are setting the ropes, YOU are making critical decisions, and YOU are proving that tomorrow you can go on your own.

After the course, many students spend the next day pursuing a self-guided canyon descent. Keyhole Canyon is the most popular choice, and involves the following:

- Map reading and route finding
- Scrambling, down-climbing, swimming, and stemming
- The shadowy depths of a super slot, with 3 exciting, reasonable rappels
- Plunge pools, wading corridors, and a 100-foot swim


- Designed for those who intend to descend canyons on their own after the course
- Age 16 or older recommended