Riverside Walk, Zion National Park

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  • The Riverside Walk is the gateway to the Zion Narrows. From the moment you leave the parking lot, you are quietly drawn into the mystery of the narrowing, looming walls. Ultimately, you must choose whether to enter the water at pavement’s end, or turn back wondering. There is something emotional about following the walkway to its end and witnessing the river disappear from your view.
  • Trailhead: Exit free Scenic Drive shuttle at Temple of Sinawava trailhead, the termainl stop on the Scenice Drive.

    Mileage: 2 miles (3.2 km), round-trip

    Elevation Gain: 57 feet (17 meters)

    Approximate Hike Time: 1 hour, round-trip

    Difficulty: Casual

    Crowds: Common. Many people hike up hoping for a glimpse of the Narrows. Those who are prepared continue on up the river, leaving the gawking crowds behind.

  • Best Times of Day: Any time is good. Highly recommended after or during a rainstorm, when secret waterfalls abound.

    Best Times of Year:
    Fall through Spring, the Riverside Walk is often more peaceful and serene than during Summer, when the trail is quite crowded.
  • Waterfalls at the Temple on a rainy day
    The opportunity to hang out on a huge rock near the river’s edge
    Unique marshland habitat along the trail - cattails and wetland greenery in the heart of the desert!

  • This trail is a smooth, paved sidewalk, easily accessible to visitors in wheelchairs.
    Scan the canyon walls on occasion as you walk along the trail. If you're lucky, you might see a party of rock climbers scaling the vertical cracks and fissures.