Hiking the Kolob Terrace


If Zion Canyon is the heart of Zion National Park, then Kolob Terrace is the where its soul lies. Ill-defined on the map but far from indistinct, Kolob Terrace has a distinctive feel about it, a wild, free, mysterious character loved by those who make time to visit. Primary access to Kolob Terrace is via the Kolob Terrace Road (KTR), a rolling, winding red road which begins in the town of Virgin (3,900 ft.) and takes us up layer after layer to the heights of Zion at Lava Point, and beyond to the mountains beyond. Along the way, we pass through pastured river bottoms, basalt ridgelines, fields of golden grass, sandston monoliths, gorgeous aspen stands, and reminders of pioneers from the past. While there are few trails along the way, much of the terrain along the KTR can be hiked cross-country; just find a good parking spot and explore by foot!

 Check out this hiking chart!