Hiking the Kolob Canyons


If you want to leave Zion's well-trodden path, the Kolob Finger Canyons region is worth a visit. Featuring classic Zion rock formations and landscapes but lacking the crowds and hype, the Finger Canyons pay fine dividends to those willing to invest in a journey to see them. As a visitor to hugely popular Zion Canyon, you are inside the canyon, looking up and around; in Kolob Canyons, however, you are outside the canyons, looking into them from afar. Most hikes here take you into the deep, sculpted canyons, often along beautiful riparian areas along creeks and rivers. 

Located northwest of Zion Canyon and the Kolob Terrace, you must use Interstate 15 to access the Kolob Canyons district. While the 60-minute drive can be a bother, the rewards are wonderful upon arrival. Much higher in elevation than Zion Canyon (7000 ft. vs. 4000 ft.), Kolob Canyons is much cooler than most of the Park and boasts Zion's highest point, Horse Ranch Mountain (8,726 ft.). Greener, denser vegation accompanies the elevation change, and visitors find juniper trees thick and abundant here. Higher elevations also bring more moisture to the area, and Kolob Canyon's two creeks, Taylor Creek and La Verkin, and their tributaries provide the setting for most of the trails here.

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