Hiking Zion - A Guide to the Trails of Zion National Park


Zion is nothing less than magical. From fields of golden grasses, to picture-perfect waterfalls, to majestic canyons of red, orange, and brown, Zion is a wonderland of rugged desert wildness. Whether on trail or off, walking through Zion takes you places most could never imagine.

We created HIKING ZION to help you envision and plan your Zion visit. HIKING ZION offers you a sneak peek into the trails and hiking zones of Zion National Park, including information on basic logistics, temporal recommendations, and trail highlights. While HIKING ZION doesn't come close to experiencing Zion on your own, it will whet your appetite and help you think about how you might best spend your limited time in Zion. Hopefully, it will even EXPAND the time you set aside to visit Zion, as you realize just how much you can see and do here. 

PDFIconIf you'd like your own personal PDF guide to the hikes of Zion National Park, download HIKING ZION to your own computer. If you'd rather peruse Zion's hikes via the internet, follow the sidebar menu links to any of Zion's five hiking zones to learn a little more about each area.