Progressive Course

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  •       Gaining tenure in canyons has an opportunity cost. As we “season” ourselves with new experiences and explorations, we often face decisions we have never encountered before. Unfolding the right decision at the right time can often depend on having the right set of life experiences to inform our choices. We designed this course to reduce your cost of error and shorten your tenure track to success, so rather than being hopeful when facing your next trial in the canyons, you can be competent and confident. This is always a custom course to refresh your memory from a One-Day Basic or other training, and advance to your next best version of you.

    "I have to say I never expected to walk away with a toolbox and head as full as I got in this class. I pretty much thought I had the climbing skills down pat, but my old ways had been holding me back. Eric and I are headed to Escalante for a week and I could not imagine the trouble we would get in without the knowledge and confidence we have now. Thanks again for your expertise and most of all, your patience!" Hart Young  

      • A strong command of our One-Day Basic curriculum or equivalent
      • Looking to learn Three-Day Basic skills but don't have the time
      • Want a refresher to move up the ladder of skill sets as an aspiring canyoneer
      • Willingness to work physically and mentally 8 hours a day 
      • Ability to hike gains/losses in elevation of 1000 ft/day with a 25-lb. pack 
  •       Preparation for a lifetime of canyoneering in both idle and flowing water conditions on the Colorado Plateau and beyond.  

          This course is always custom. We pick up where you left off with your last class with us. Instead of retaking the One-Day Basic, or if you are a little rusty after a Three-Day Basic hiatus, the Progressive Course fills the gaps and niches in your skills and ability. You get our most experienced guides teaching this class and thus have a world of knowledge to draw from about canyons around Zion and the world.

  • A Progresive Class can offer any and all of the following curricular items:


      • 3-Day Basic knots, hitches, & equipment
      • Pulleys, rope grabs, racks, & blocks
      • Multi-pitch rappel and ascent
      • Doing the most with the least
      • Building guided rope systems
      • Comprehensive natural anchor building and testing 
      • "Leave No Trace" anchor systems 


      • Trip planning, decision making, and problem solving
      • "Leave No Trace" canyoneering 

    Recommended Zion descents after class:

      • Englestead Hollow
      • Kolob Creek
      • Ice Box Canyon  
  • We provide all the necessary technical gear. We recommend owning your own harness and helmet if you foresee using them after class. We use and sell the Petzl Aspir seat harnesses, which provide a combination of security, simplicity, low weight, and water repellency. There are many neat toys and gadgets out there, but many are unnecessary. Request a dialogue with your class instructor prior to investing in a bunch of gear for this trip.

    Please also bring each day to class:
      • 2 quarts of water/person + lunch/snacks for the day
      • Sunscreen
      • Warm synthetic clothes, hat, gloves, any time of year
      • Rain gear (course goes out even in inclement weather)
      • Camera

      • Meet for morning instruction at Zion Adventure Company at 36 Lion Blvd., across from the Quality Inn.
      • Offered nearly every day of the week, March through November. This is a per request class, like our One-Day Basic. Choose your dates and register, and we will do the rest.
      • Class begins at 7:30 am (Mountain Daylight Time)
      • Drive times and return times varies greatly, depending on canyon destinations
    One on One: N/A
    Two or More: One-Day Program $251.00 per person
    Two or More: Two-Day Program $497.00 per person

    • Early reservations advised. Dates tend to book 30 to 45 days out, June through August. Check your calendar and book early.
    • A Private Trip Supplement ($45/person, waived for groups of 5 or more) guarantees no one else will be joining your group.

  • Courses are 100% refundable up to 30 days prior to departure. Once inside the 30-day window, we deduct a 25% cancellation fee from any refunds.  You may apply this 25% fee toward any future services or products we offer within two years from the date of cancellation. Cancellations within 24 hours of trip departure are non-refundable.