Canyoneering Courses


We descended our first slot canyons here, in Zion National Park. In winter conditions, we slowly and circuitously made our way through Zion’s twisted slots. It was then that we learned our climbing skills were not sufficient to safely negotiate the canyon realm. We needed better, more efficient, and generally different skills to master canyoneering. Our study of the sport evolved a strong curriculum, combining the best modern European "canyoning" techniques with tried-and-true desert practices. Today, we deliver the best from both worlds and continue to innovate the sport we love.

Our job is to give you our best, challenging you mentally and physically, and preparing you to have amazing experiences. Our goal on every trip is to work ourselves out of a job, preparing you to do more canyons on your own. These advancing classes are for students committed to becoming the safest and most prepared canyoneers possible. Former students remark not only on their newly gained skill sets, but also on their capacity to solve problems quickly, efficiently, and safely. We foster low impact practices, keen leadership skills, and independence.

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