Tom Jones

I am all about canyoneering. Canyons fascinate me – the challenges for myself and others, how we work together to flow wonderfully through them, how they are different and curious on each occasion. Canyons are wonderful.  

I got here by first being a hard-core hiking nerd, then a nerd, then a climbing nerd. I grew up in New England, swatting black flies and mosquitos in the White Mountains of New Hampshire before a brief encounter with ‘normal life’ at MIT. Heading west, I became a rock climber and rock climbing engineer, working for Black Diamond Equipment as a product designer, figuring out how to make better climbing gear. Black Diamond (ie, “BD”, aka “The Firm”) moved to Salt Lake City and me with it. Climbing and skiing in SLC was great and exploring the desert greater, but eventually “The Firm” became too big for my independent spirit, and I started looking for an exit strategy. The canyons were my exit.

I have been exploring canyons, leading trips, and avoiding epics (mostly) since 1999. I have cobbled together a living by making and selling canyoneering gear, writing a Zion canyoneering guide book, and guiding with ZAC.  Canyons are the focus of my life, a focus that keeps on giving. Sharing the canyons with friends and the world has made my life very rich. I rejoice that the world has allowed me this privileged life, and I strive to return the favor to the world and serve the canyoneering community.