Jillian Strobel

JillianBigThe desert has been whispering my name for decades, but she has been slow to reveal herself to me. A Kansan at heart, the jagged canyons and soaring peaks of the Southwest could not be in greater contrast to the wheat fields and prairies of my youth. Like so many before me I have dreamed of stretching into this western expanse of wilderness, but had no idea how it would change me and the course of my life.
In northern Arizona, my passion for the desert solidified. After a quick peak into the Grand Canyon and numerous trips to my Navajo "grandmother's" homestead, I decided to leave my native tallgrass prairie in exchange for prickly pear and crags. A few thousand miles on a bicycle, a motorhome named Sir-Crag-A-Lot, a white water guiding gig, and a ski season avoiding torn ligaments led me to Zion, at least for now.
My passion for outdoor pursuits is insatiable and my goal is to extend the opportunity to explore with whoever will humor me. Whether you want to ride the shuttle into the park and have a picnic or spend months lugging a backpack up and down a muddy trail, I am so excited that you value our natural treasures and I can't wait to go there with you. Won't you join me?!

Love, peace, and bicycle grease,