Hayley Walker

HayleyI grew up in the small town of Cambria among the fog and the pines, rolling hills and the sea breeze along California’s central coast.  Spending much of my youth outdoors I came to love the oak trees, tide pools, night skies and beaches fortunately at a very young age.  Being the weather lover that I am and coming from the most mild weathered place you can live, I pursued the rain and traveled north for school up to the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington.  Majoring in International Political Economy and minoring in English, I began to shape my understanding of how our world works and attained an informed world outlook that opened my eyes to the realities of living in our modern world. I began to realize that my pursuit of happiness would not lie behind an office job or moving up the corporate ladder but rather with our natural world.  After graduating, I participated in a 50 day Outward Bound Northwest Wilderness Leadership course that encouraged me to continue and fervently pursue my relationship with natural beauty.  In a search to serve and give back, I did two years of Americorps, one serving at a low income middle school in Tacoma and another serving the Tahoe Rim Trail Association in Incline Village, Nevada.  I now find myself enthralled with the beauty, mystery and adventure that is Zion.  I take great joy in enabling others to get out into the park whether it is through outfitting them with gear or shuttling them to a trailhead.  For me now, Zion is that place where I can find peace of mind in our natural world while still feeling like I am serving others and giving back.