Bailey Schofield

BaileyWith the Wasatch Front as my backyard, my love for the outdoors began in my youth. My summer days were spent playing in the creek and building neighborhood tree houses; my winters were spent in snow caves and on  ski slopes. My curiosity and imagination typically kept my knees scraped and my elbows bruised. Following those memories from my childhood, my love for nature only grew.

My exploration dimmed towards my teens, but when I moved to college, my eyes were curious again to seek new knowledge. A college mentor and friend implemented nature into her everyday life, her love for the outdoors radiating from her essence. I wanted a taste of what she had, and her willingness to share that radiance brought a new love and passion for the natural world that I never knew could grow. From that point on, my life has injected nature into almost every breath.

After various jobs in the outdoor industry, I kept finding my thoughts and smiles veering toward Zion. My search for happiness is continuous, but Zion seems to provide me with the most happiness, curiosity, and opportunity to explore.

Here at Zion Adventure Company, my ability to share my passion and love for the outdoors becomes stronger every time I walk into the doors. It is my privilege to share my passion of exploration and curiosity of nature with the personalities that enter the walls of Zion.

Keep on the Adventurous Side,
Bailey Schofield