Jess Kavanagh

JessBigLife is one big adventure and I love it.  I just can never get enough.  Luckily there is no shortage of possible adventure, especially around Zion.  Rarely when asked about what I was up to for the day will I say, “hmm not much.”  I am always up to some kind of shenanigan whether it be climbing cliffs, descending canyons, hiking in the mountains, paddling rapids, or exploring wild places.

I am original from Northern Wisconsin.  I came to Southern Utah for my first seasonal job in 2009.  By the end of the season I missed the lakes and trees of Wisconsin and couldn't wait to return home.  Shortly after returning to Wisconsin I decided I missed the canyons of Utah more.  I came back to the Southwest and haven’t left.   I spend my winters working in Death Valley National Park and summers in Southern Utah.  It feels like perpetual summer…lots of sunshine, warm weather, and rock climbing outside year round.   Life is good.
“There is no zest like that of exploration, no longing like that for desert places, no call like that of the unknown.” Clyde Kluckhorn