"We Believe"

The following composition is the basis for a lifestyle. Developed and written in our infancy, "We Believe" serves as a guiding light as we continue to stretch, grow, and learn as individuals, as a team, and as a community. We share these thoughts with you to provide a window into how we endeavor to approach our business and our lives.



People are intelligent and can be trusted with information.
What they do with it is up to them.

Everyone is equal. Everyone deserves respect.
Children have important things to say.

Peace comes from acceptance.
In every moment, there can be celebration.

The Earth is sacred.
Humans face questions of higher responsibility as caretakers of the planet.

The interpretation of life is discretionary.
Some interpretations are more helpful than others.

There is always a higher level of awareness.
Learning is optional, as is ignorance.

Time is precious.
As it runs out, it gains value.

Unconditional Love is worth pursuing.
Other ideals follow when unconditional love exists.

It is possible to give without expectation or promise.
If everyone gives, no one has to take.

Quality of life is a decision.
There is good in all things.

When eyes meet, we are soul to soul.
Eye contact is not a coincidence.

Life is a series of decisions.
Life is a series of risks.

Security is a myth.
There are no guarantees in life.

The Zion Adventure Company
Since the beginning - 1996.