Our Philosophy

"The unexamined life is not worth living." -- Socrates

The pursuit of perfection leads us. Every step we take reminds us where to begin.

We believe a satisfying quality of life comes from helping others. We welcome you, as our friends, to help each other learn, grow, and change the way we see the world and, especially, ourselves.

We are teachers, writers, photographers, canyoneers, climbers, engineers, builders, bankers, sales managers, doctors, and entrepreneurs who come together because we believe the outdoors is the sacred place of mind, body and soul, in full reflection under the sky, and held deep in the desert sand. We have left our desks and "real" jobs to pursue a higher self -- a more satisfying way of life.

Our beginnings are very humble, and leave indelible prints upon us. Our past reveals the simple joy of life -- happiness dervied from the inside-out. Today we still live simple lives, looking for better ways to do the things we do, and never letting money, fame, or the material world infringe upon the sacred heart of Zion Adventure Company. Let go, be free, and come journey with us.