Preparing For Our Interview


We prefer in-person interviews. When in-person interviews are not possible, we work with candidates to arrange interviews over Skype (with video), or the telephone.

The interview helps candidates and Zion Adventure Company know each other better. Our interview questions touch on any or all of the following areas:

    1. Open-ended questions
    2. Stories from your life experiences
    3. Teaching skills
    4. Listening skills
    5. Knowledge and understanding of our products and our business

We encourage you to ask questions to help you determine if Zion Adventure Company is a good fit for you. In addition to your own questions, please consider asking about any of the following:

    1. What it is like to work at ZAC?
    2. What is life in Springdale like?
    3. The experience of working in a seasonal business
    4. Why staff come to ZAC and how long they stay
    5. What helps make someone successful at ZAC?

Time Frame:
Just because you submit an application does not mean we will pursue you for an interview. We receive many applications each year for all our positions and only hire a few of them. What you write in your online application WILL DETERMINE whether you get an interview or not. Interviews with incredible candidates will be scheduled within two weeks of your application submittal date.  Our goal is to complete all interviews by January 31 each year.

Submittal Guidelines

We take application review seriously. Like many organizations, we consider your application a direct reflection of your abilities to take initiative, comprehend and execute a complex task, and attend to detail. The best applications receive inquires and interviews from our HR Team. Poorly submitted applications are discarded.  Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your ZAC application, so that we can study and understand your materials easily and determine whether a good fit with our organization is possible:

    1. We review all applications, but the ones that really get our attention are well drafted, carefully edited, and professionally written. Please take time to review your materials before submitting them by using a word processing program and copying/pasting into our specified fields.
    2. Applications must arrive prior to, but no later than, the submittal timeline. If you cannot meet the application deadline, please contact us first to see if we will accept a late application.
    3. All resumes should be accurate, free of hyperbole, and include three professional references who are aware you are applying for a position with us.
    4. Our application questions aim to help us get to know you more intimately. Please help us do so by offering thoughtful, thorough, and honest answers.
    5. Our Hiring Team will review applications in an ongoing manner. 
    6. We notify applicants of first-round rejections within 21 days of application receipt. You are welcome to write or call to check on the status of your application at any time.