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KinesavaPanoIf you have ever spent time with us, you know there is something special going on at Zion Adventure Company. Since 1996, over one hundred staff members have invested their time, talents, passions, and love in our business in pursuit of something much larger than ourselves, a business that not only offers unparalleled help to Zion visitors, but also sustains, enriches, and evolves its staff members. We come from all walks of life, bonded by a shared passion for Zion and a dedication towards excellence in all we do. If you are interested in learning more about our team, please peruse the following links and literature for a better idea of how we recruit our staff.

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What's It Like To Work at ZAC?

Prospective staff often ask us: “What is it like to work at Zion Adventure Company?”

      Our mission is to help each other (visitors and staff alike) learn, grow, explore, relate and reconnect. When you live that everyday, it is:

      • Great
      • Dynamic
      • Fun
      • Humorous
      • Exciting
      • Challenging
      • Insightful
      • Celebratory

     Year after year, high performing staff have many of the same things in common. They are happy, improving & growing in helpful ways, like working hard, showing care for those around them, and feeling connected to people, and with the ZAC mission. Life here is an adventure as we explore the world outside and seek greater understanding of the human experience.

      Our staff come to Zion from all over the country. For many of us, our co-workers are an essential part of our community. We support each other, and we want to be supported. Getting to know each other is part of the adventure. Our lives overlap. We laugh with each other if the lid falls off the salt-shaker. We feel your pain when you run out of coffee. Often our coffee runs are expedited by the fact that we have some of our co-workers drinks memorized.

      Springdale is a small town. Some staff easily make connections with people outside the staff. Others find their best friends within our staff. There is no requirement from Zion Adventure Company nor its management that you spend your personal time with your co-workers. As you look for recreation outing partners, some may naturally come from the staff, and others from the townspeople.

      Some staff members have mentioned we are like a family. This is true to a degree. We care about you, want you to be happy, and to succeed. At the same time, we want to cautiously encourage you to think of the term “family” in helpful ways. Co-workers can help you, but won’t do everything for you and can't manage your life for you. We need you to do your job well and consistently. No amount of being close to co-workers alleviates this need to perform. We expect staff to be responsible and accountable. You need to take responsibility for your success and happiness. Help is almost always available and we encourage you to ask for help when you need it. Just a few of the ways we have helped each other are ride to the airport, technical assistance changing flat tires, and support meeting self-improvement goals at work.

      The Zion Adventure Company staff is an incredible team of connected individuals. Each of us wants to work with great people. Our hiring team does its best to find you and hire you. We pursue a high quality of life for ourselves, our guests and want the same for you. Staff members want each other to be great, and to pursue excellence in all they do. They also laugh a lot at the the funny and ironic moments we share.



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